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Carton Sealer FXJ 6050
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Specification of Carton Sealer FXJ 6050

Carton Sealer FXJ 6050

Used also in industrial seals or sealing and packing cartons any way - either performed individually or in the order in the process of production. Adhesive tape used to seal the carton has the ability to be sealed up and down at the same time, is economical, fast and easy to set.

Specifications fxj 6050
conveyer speed: 0-20 / min
max.Packager size: w500xh600mm
mnx.Packager size: w150xh110mm
machine weight: 145 kg
machine size: 1580 x 740 x 1330 mm
power consumtion: 180w
power supply: 110v, 220-240V / 50-60Hz 1 phase

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